Welcome to ETF Translation

I am a freelance translator with 5 years experience. I hold a Master’s Degree in English Linguistics and spent 10 years working in the UK as a secondary school teacher of French and Spanish before becoming a full-time translator. I translate various types of documents mainly in IT, Social Science, Education, Art & Culture and Oenology.

As a highly committed professional, I approach each job as a challenge and apply a consistent and rigorous work ethic tailored to the client’s specific requirements, such as adhering to a glossary, specific punctuation or style guidelines, etc. Strong organisational skills allow for a thorough proof-reading process involving much more than a mere spell-check. I am reliable with deadlines and my productivity is enhanced by advanced knowledge of translation tools.

I also benefit from working with a team of experts comprised of an English speaking Microsoft Certified developer with over 6 years experience in localisation projects and government contracts, as well as an international wine and spirit consultant with 30 years experience as the Eaux-de-vie quality manager for Rémy Martin. Their technical insight is highly valuable to ensure, when needed, an accurate choice of words.